Thursday, January 22, 2015

Copics and Spectrum Noir Storage (cost me nothing)

Hello Everyone!

This is how I stored my markers. I have 168 spectrum noir, 41 copics and 6 copics refills. Ive been looking for the DIY storage or cheaper alternative. I’d rather buy more markers than buying the storage. :D

So anyhow, as I was cleaning the house. I found lots of empty boxes behind the couch (that’s where I usually put some of my stuff that I don’t want to be seen by hubby) I’m sort of a hoarder and yes even empty boxes. You’ll never know it will come handy in the future. Lol so, I was thinking to myself maybe I could try to use them for the storage. It’s pretty much sturdy and when I assemble them, the markers fits perfectly! I went ahead and assemble 12 boxes.

To put this together, I used red duct tape which I have on hand. And tape it all around. I folded one big box for the bottom to give it a better foundation. 

Voila! my storage markers that cost me nothing! 

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by! 

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